Surround Sound Mastery: Sony HT-A7000 Soundbar Review

The Sony HT-A7000 soundbar is a powerhouse in home entertainment and promises to revolutionize your audio experience. With its immersive surround sound capabilities and cutting-edge technology, this soundbar sets a new standard for premium sound quality. For us, the Sony HT-A7000 exceeded our expectations from the moment we plugged it in.  


The Sony HT-A7000 soundbar comes for $1300. It is 700 dollars cheaper than its predecessor, the Sony ST-500. The soundbar is 51 inches long and is more suitable for larger screens. It has two HDMI 2.1 inputs, an analog input, and an optical input and it also supports eARC(Enhanced Audio Return Channel). eArc enables the soundbar to transmit the original full-resolution audio signal through an HDMI cable and reproduce the best sound. Configuring the soundbar is fairly easy and quick, you can do it through your TV or the Sony app. The soundbar uses the microphones built in it to optimize itself for the space and shape of your room.

The soundbar has 7.1.2 channels with Dolby Atmos® and DTS: X® support, offering authentic surround sound. Its immersive audio technologies like S-Force PRO Front Surround and Vertical Surround Engine enhance the listening experience by adding overhead sound to various audio formats. 360 Spatial Sound Mapping and an X-Balanced Speaker Unit ensure a top-tier home entertainment choice with optimized speaker positioning and real-time restoration of compressed audio files.

The soundbar offers a wider soundstage with three center drivers and a pair of left and right drivers. Additional drivers make the total count to 11, and the soundbar has two subwoofers at the sides.

It supports audio up to 8k at 30hz or 4k at 120hz. It can pair with your Sony TV’s speakers if you have one and produce sound of an overall better clarity.  The soundbar has two additional upwards-firing speakers on top to help with the height components of Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

There are touch controls on a panel on the right side of the soundbar. There is also an LED screen, however, it is too small and the information displayed is incomplete. You can control the soundbar from the LED screen, a remote comes in the box as well, and you can also use your TV’s remote to control some basic functions.

For wireless connectivity, you can connect with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The soundbar has Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa and Google Chromecast built-in, and you can add Apple Airplay and Spotify Connect.

The Sony HT-A7000 does not come with an external subwoofer, Sony said they made this decision based on customer feedback. You can just add an external subwoofer if you want, and we did the same. The high-end Sony SA-SW5 subwoofer that we added costs $700, while the lower-end version of it, the SA-SW3 costs $400. The soundbar and the subwoofers pair instantly with each other, producing better low-frequency sounds.

What’s in the box

  • Sony HT-A7000
  • Remote
  • Wall Mounts
  • HDMI Cable

User Reviews

Customers like the ease of use of the speakers. They mention that the instructions are clear and precise. They also like the appearance and clarity. However, some customers have reported issues with performance and value. Opinions are mixed on sound quality, quality, and connectivity.


The Sony HT-A7000 impresses with its authentic 7.1.2 channel surround sound, providing a truly immersive audio experience for movies and music alike. With Dolby Atmos® and DTS: X® support, this soundbar delivers exceptional audio quality, making you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. The built-in microphones help optimize speaker positions automatically, resulting in a wide listening area that fills the room with rich, detailed sound. The option to add rear speakers further enhances the virtual surround technology, creating a more comprehensive audio environment. This soundbar is worth it to invest in and is the best out of all the soundbars in the market at this price point.

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