Bose Soundlink Revolve II Review

The Bose SoundLink Revolve II is a powerhouse of sound quality and portability, offering immersive audio experiences for music enthusiasts on the go. As an avid tech reviewer with a passion for premium sound systems, I delved into the features and performance of this sleek Bluetooth speaker.


Size152mm x 82mm x 82mm
IP RatingIP55
Fast ChargingNo
Battery Life13 Hours


The speaker is a compact cylinder with a wider bottom than top, featuring rubber sections at both ends to absorb impacts in case of accidental drops. The middle portion is smooth aluminum, and the Bose is available in either Triple Black or Luxe Silver finishes.

The sound emanates evenly from the speaker on all sides, providing an exceptional 360-degree audio experience. Rotating the Revolve II in your hands doesn’t alter the sound quality at all. 

It has multiple sound options like speakerphone, stereo, and party mode, and a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and voice commands.

It’s distinctive design incorporates dual passive radiators, a downward-facing transducer, and an omnidirectional acoustic reflector, all arranged vertically to evenly distribute sound in every direction. Consequently, the placement of the speaker becomes largely irrelevant—the SoundLink Revolve II is engineered to overcome audio dead zones and deliver ample volume to fill any room.

The buttons atop the Bose SoundLink Revolve II are convenient when you’re away from your device. They’re highly responsive, setting them apart from most Bluetooth products, with minimal to no delay between command input and execution. Pressing the power button yields an immediate response like switching off a TV. Alongside the physical buttons, voice commands using Siri or Google Assistant function seamlessly for basic instructions.

Bose provides a microUSB cable with the SoundLink Revolve II for charging, which effectively charges the speaker. However, considering its price tag, a newer USB-C connection would be more fitting. Additionally, the absence of a fast charge function means it takes approximately 4 hours to fully charge the speaker from empty. Bose give this speaker a battery life of 13 hours, however it can easily go beyond 15 hours. 

The IP55 rating of the SoundLink Revolve II implies a level of durability, indicating it can withstand dust and some water exposure. However, despite its ability to endure these conditions, the speaker’s finish tends to flake off easily. Prolonged exposure to the elements may result in a less-than-desirable appearance, as even careful handling doesn’t always prevent bits of the matte black finish from coming off the aluminum housing.

While the speaker can be paired with the Bose Connect app, it lacks a digital EQ for customizing sound. Instead, the app offers basic functionalities such as displaying battery level, adjusting the auto-off timer, and toggling voice prompts. The standout feature is the Party Mode, allowing users to group multiple SoundLink speakers together for synchronized playback, ideal for gatherings. This feature is compatible with the larger SoundLink Revolve+ II as well.

Audio Quality

The SoundLink Revolve II offers a significant amount of bass for its size, perhaps even an excess. Although the highs and mids sound reasonable for everyday use, the bass tends to overpower the audio frequently. Bose seems to have implemented a feature that automatically reduces the bass EQ as you raise the overall volume. However, you need to increase the volume significantly (reaching levels that might not be entirely safe) before experiencing an improvement in sound quality.

User Reviews

Customers like the ease of use, sound quality, and portability of the speakers. For example, they mention it works great by the pool, has bassy sound, and is easy to pick up and carry. That said, opinions are mixed on quality, performance, value, and battery life.


With little deviation from the original model, existing owners are unlikely to feel compelled to upgrade, but for newcomers, the SoundLink Revolve II presents an enticing option.

It stands out as one of the finest Bluetooth speakers available, boasting the premium 360-degree sound quality expected from Bose, coupled with excellent build durability now reaching IP55 standards.

Enhancing the premium experience are features like a 3.5mm jack input (not always standard) and various smart capabilities, including taking phone calls and utilizing digital assistants directly from the speaker.

While the absence of an EQ in the app and the presence of Micro-USB on a high-end speaker may raise eyebrows, the extended battery life surpassing the quoted 13 hours helps mitigate these concerns.

Although there are cheaper alternatives on the market, few can match the overall experience offered by the SoundLink Revolve II.

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